Baycities was the dream of Jim Mackinga, the Senior Pastor and founder of the church in 1988.

jimandsandyJim’s ministry focus and experience was in youth and singles ministry for the 10 years prior to 1988. His personal ministry included developing and pastoring two large youth and single ministries in Northern and Southern California. Then, in 1988, in response to God’s calling in his life, Jim decided to pick up his entire family and move back to the South Bay, and begin the task of planting Baycities Church in Redondo Beach. Jim and his wife Sandy were both originally from Southern California. Jim grew up in the South Bay, and wanted to return one day to plant a church designed to reach people just like him.

Jim began reaching out to his new neighbors and making himself available to serve people anywhere he found them. Those efforts led to a small home Bible study group that met on Sunday evenings, leaving Jim just enough time for a quick nap and then he was back for another shift driving a cab, making money to survive here the first 2 years. When the group grew to 25, Jim made the big decision to begin public services that would happen every Sunday morning. The Redondo Beach Women’s Club was found to be available, and Jim planned his first Sunday service.

25 people gathered that first Sunday morning in 1989, and Baycities Community Church began providing contemporary services that told the story that God really loves us and wants in the worst way to have us enjoy a personal relationship with Him. Jim’s giftedness as a teacher of God’s Word and his passion for people led the way. His focus to reach one more family, one more single person, one more teenager or one more child with the message of God’s Love, led to Baycities growing almost exclusively through adding new Believers in Jesus Christ, for the first 6 years. In 1996, the church had grown to 150 people, when Jim’s best friend, whom he had trained and discipled for 12 years previously in Northern California, rejoined him in Redondo Beach, and jumped in to serve alongside. Ben Meyers and his wife provided another arm of leadership that could help encourage the growing church, and help carry some of the tremendous load that Jim had shouldered by himself since 1988.

Baycities has consistently baptized 10 to 30 believers every year since 1990, a testimony of the commitment of the church to the message to reach just one more family, one more single person, one more teen or child with the life-changing message of hope and forgiveness found in Jesus Christ.

The church has grown to include two separate campuses: one campus in Lomita and one campus in the South Bay with the total attendance between 800 and 1,000. Nursery – 5th grade available at each service Junior High and High School groups, single’s ministry, men’s and women’s ministries and small groups meet throughout the South Bay area. Baycities now has full time and part time ministry staff leading each church. A dynamic loving and ever growing church is now a dream come true for our Pastor, Jim Mackinga.