Sunday Strategy

9:00 AM Service with Pastor Jim Mackinga Childcare, Kids, Jr. High
10:30 AM Service with Pastor Jim Mackinga Childcare, Kids, High School

In most traditional Protestant churches in America, the purpose of Sunday morning service to worship God, encourage and teach the Christians in attendance, take the weekly offering, and have Sunday school for the children. We at Baycities CommunityChurch have done our best to rethink the Sunday Morning church experience and redefine it in the following manner.

We believe that Sunday morning is the most likely time that someone seeking to find out about God and Jesus Christ would decide to come to a church service. So, we have structured our service to “speak” to the seeker who is checking out Christianity as well as to offer insight and inspiration for those who have already accepted Christ as their Savior.

To understand more about our Sunday services, please continue reading down this page. But, better yet, come join us in person on Sunday at 9:00 & 10:30 AM and experience Baycities Community Church for yourself! We believe you will have a warm, thoughtful, and uplifting experience with the Bible and find yourself in the midst of a great group of really fine South Bay “beach” folks.

Our Mission And Goal Every Sunday

  • To learn how to follow and love Jesus more
  • To proclaim the truth about the life-changing difference that knowing and following Christ can make in the life of every person. To teach Biblical truth in a practical, user-friendly manner, which allows believers and non-believers to be impacted and inspired by God and His Word each week and take home truth they can consider and apply to their lives.
  • To enjoy a time of worship through the singing of choruses and the presentation of performance-quality music. Our emphasis is to conduct our worship using contemporary songs and music that lift-up and honor God.
  • To utilize drama and skits to illustrate the theme or a particular point of the message for the day. With drama, we pose dilemmas, ask questions and make a visual appeal to all in attendance.
  • To provide a place where the members of our church are excited to bring their non-believing friends to a thought-provoking, Bible-centered experience that focuses on the truth about Christ. Our goal is to have visitors get “challenged” by the message of the day, and at the same time, have them feel “safe” enough to come back week after week. We pray that this journey of discovering the truth about Jesus Christ, will lead to each person choosing to trust Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.
  • To provide a warm, inviting place where friendships between Christians can be found and nurtured. We believe that unless visitors connect with others and build real friendships at Baycities Community Church, they may not stay and be involved in the spiritual growth and discipleship opportunities we offer. The Sunday Morning Services at Baycities are a good place to be for those who are looking to build friendships with friendly people who know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior

Our hope is that we can reach one more family, one more single person, or one more child with the message of hope that is found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.